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ColdFusion Enterprise 11.0 MLP License Only

ColdFusion Enterprise 11.0 MLP License Only
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Rapidly build robust Internet applications

Adobe ColdFusion 11 introduces a multitude of productivity enhancing features, seamless integration with the Java™ EE platform, and smart built-in solutions, including support for HTML5, that enable developers to rapidly build enterprise-ready Internet applications. ColdFusion 10 is available for purchase in two editions — Standard and Enterprise — both of which include the entire infrastructure necessary to build and deploy ColdFusion applications.


Key Features 


  • Working with PDF documents—Work efficiently with PDF files and reduce the required code by directly adding images, watermarks, headers, and footers to your documents. Populate and extract data from PDF forms to collect data from application users and share information in a more secure environment.
  • Security enhancements—Make your server more secure against cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery using functions to sanitize user input. Strengthen the authentication of applications using the enhanced login mechanism. Choose the new secure profile to enable default secure settings across the server.
  • Dynamic and interactive HTML5 charting—Access a large repository of interactive, client-side HTML5 charts and easily implement them using the built-in CFCHART tag. Create an enriched user experience by customizing charts, including charts based on Adobe Flash® technology.
  • Hotfix installer and notification—Get instant notifications of updates to ColdFusion in your ColdFusion Administrator, and save time on installing updates using the one-click Hotfix installer.
  • Improved web services support—Publish and access web services with less code using the revamped engine that supports the WSDL 2.0 specification, SOAP 1.2, and document literal wrapped style.
  • Support for HTML5 web sockets—Publish data to multiple clients or execute a point-to-point data push with real-time server response. Leverage the support provided by the built-in functionality to instantly access HTML5 web sockets, even without prior knowledge of the protocol.
  • HTML5 video player and Flash Player—Leverage the rich experience provided by the built-in HTML5 video player, and benefit from interoperability with non-HTML5 browsers using the fallback to Adobe Flash Player. Revamped Flash Player with well-defined APIs helps ensure a consistent user experience across browsers.


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