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Flash Professional CC 1 Year Subscription

Flash Professional CC 1 Year Subscription
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Create and deliver engaging animation and multimedia content.

Key features

  • Object-based animation—Generate smooth animations, and control attributes like speed or easing by applying settings directly to objects. Use intuitive Bezier handles to make adjustments to motion settings.
  • Advanced drawing tools—Use built-in drawing tools to design artwork. Explore options and make changes quickly using smart shapes that can be adjusted any time, even after you’ve created them.
  • HTML5 Canvas support—Build interactive content in an interface that is now customized for the HTML5 Canvas platform. Add frame scripts using native support for JavaScript, including code hinting, code coloring, and more.
  • HTML5 conversion/publishing—Repurpose existing Flash content by exporting them to HTML5, for broader reach onto devices and modern browsers.
  • Full HD video and audio export—Export full HD video and audio content from complex timeline and script-driven animations, without dropping frames.
  • Motion editor—View and edit tween properties for motion, transformation, and color effects with precise control.
  • SVG export—Export any frame in your project as an SVG file, which can be used as a poster image for ads or other promotional material.
  • Real-time drawing—See full previews instantly—with fill and stroke color—as you draw, using any of the shape tools in Flash Professional. Your designs will take shape faster than ever before.
  • Modernized 64-bit architecture—Re-engineered from the ground up, 64-bit Flash Professional CC is more modular and delivers unprecedented speed and stability. Easily manage multiple large files, publish more quickly, and experience a more responsive timeline.
  • Wide device and platform support—Reach a wider audience on both Android and iOS devices by exporting or targeting your content for the latest Adobe AIR and Flash Player runtimes.

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